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Divorce Real Estate

Divorce Real Estate with KPA Real Estate Group

Leveraging my education and extensive experience in handling high-conflict real estate transactions, I seamlessly minimize stress for all parties involved. Additionally, I strive to save clients money by serving as the primary real estate resource throughout the divorce transaction. KPA Real Estate Group comprises a lean yet highly skilled team of support professionals who assist me. In divorce situations, clients will interface exclusively with me. This arrangement enables a hands-on approach, particularly in navigating complex divorce and high-conflict cases. With over 70 years of combined team experience, and my expertise in divorce, probate and distressed properties, the KPA Group stands prepared to safeguard our clients’ interests.

Meet Karyn Porter, CDRE®, RCS-D

A seasoned, licensed agent of 17 years, Karyn Porter specializes in the greater Charlotte area. Her expertise extends to working with divorce clients. Since 2020, she has concentrated on serving the Family Law community, notably obtaining a designation from the Ilumni Institute as a Certified
Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE®), by obtaining this distinction she is one of the pioneers in North Carolina.With a remarkable track record of over $50,000,000+ in transactions and a long list of happy clients, she elevates the client’s experience. Whether divorce, probate, short sales, foreclosures or traditional transactions, Karyn brings her vast knowledge and array of skills to serve her clients by delivering impeccable service at every step.

Karyn has helped hundreds of families transition to the next stage of life.

How I Can Help

Not all homes necessitate updates or enhancements. Financial constraints may hinder such endeavors, particularly in divorce situations. Acknowledging these limitations, I specialize in offering diverse strategies to sellers, aiming to minimize cost and maximize return on investments.

I possess resources to assist in securing funding for anything from small, cosmetic improvements to larger renovations or updates. This includes addressing unforeseen issues identified on inspection reports. I assist the sellers in assessing whether the return on investment justifies the expenditure of money, time, or effort. Leveraging my network and experience in divorce cases helps alleviate client anxiety and ensures optimal decision making tailored to their needs.

A Commitment to Service

Enhancing a property through strategic improvements can significantly increase its selling price and expedite the sales process. With my expertise and resources, I assist clients as they choose the optimal approach for their situation. Recognizing the urgency in situations such as divorce or probate, I prioritize maximizing returns on investments in a timely manner.

Prioritize Improvements:

Guide the clients on which improvements or repairs are most likely to increase their home’s value. Often, minor cosmetic updates can make a substantial difference.

Cost vs. Benefit Analysis:

Help clients understand which improvements are worth the investment by comparing the potential increase in home value to the cost of the improvements.

Professional Consultation:

For more significant renovations, it may be beneficial to consult with designers or contractors who can provide expert advice and cost estimates.

Market Trends:

Keep abreast of current market trends in home features and technology to advise clients on the most sought-after updates that could boost their return on investment.


Recommend professional staging services to showcase the home’s potential and help buyers envision themselves living in the space.

Pre-Listing Inspection:

Advise on getting a prelisting inspection to uncover any issues that could impede the sale or negotiation process.